1 Hour Work Week

Financial Freedom is great to have, but without also having…
Time Freedom you cannot live the dream lifestyle you desire

Our 1 Hour Work Week program gives you a path to claim both.

The Enigma Network 1 Hour Work Week inspiration comes from these 2 quotes Benjamin Franklin spoke nearly 300 years ago

“Money makes money and the money that money makes, makes more money”

This speaks to the power of compounding money, which the rich use to get rich and stay rich

He also said; “An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest

There’s 3 stages of building wealth

Creating It

Keeping It

Giving It Away

All 3 stages require you having the proper knowledge in order to achieve your financial goals.

Only 1 hour a week…

Each week you spend 15-minutes managing the settings of your Enigma passive income platform, it’s super simple to do and gives your complete control of your progress.
Then you decide to take any amount of passive income you may get and then compound your results, so that your money is making you more money.
Last you invest 45-minutes each week gaining the knowledge we provide to you in order to accelerate your wealth building pursuits

Did you know about 70% of lottery winners spend or lose all of their lotto winnings in 5 years or less? Crazy right?

We make the case that for many they did not have the knowledge needed to keep and grow their money.

The point is having money coming in is not enough to get the financial freedom you desire.
This is why the 1 Hour Week combines our passive income platform and our knowledge base for you to escape the daily grind while moving towards the time and financial freedom you want to have.

The rich know that compounding passive income is the key to time and financial freedom.

And now it’s attainable through being a member of the Enigma Network global platform.

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