Opportunity & Rewards

After Watching the Enigma Rewards Video Below You’ll…
Be Excited Because of the Power of Having Daily Cashflow

Enigma Rewards is the key to claiming financial prosperity and it’s only attainable by being a rewards member of the Enigma Network.

The Enigma Rewards plan is perhaps the most powerful cashflow vehicle for anyone who has the desire to do better financially and escape 9-5.

You Get Access to Multiple Streams of Income on One Platform

  • Enigma Edge our Residual Income Engine with Daily & Weekly Pay
  • 12 Generation Coded Bonus with Daily Pay
  • 12 Generation Coded Bonus Matching with Daily Pay
  • Retail sales commissions
  • 2 Level Fast Start
  • Global Bonus Pools
  • Leadership Bonus Pools

Enigma Edge pays you unlimited levels deep on global business by leveraging the power of 3.
Our Coded Bonus plan offers you unlimited daily income potential.
The Coded Bonus Check Matching Pays You Up to 12-Generations Deep.
This enables you to tap into the earning power of a few to thousands of peoples coded bonus income.
Retail commissions reward you for enrolling customers.
The 2-level fast start gives you money now.
Our Global Bonus Pools and Leadership Bonus are the ultimate reward for people who achieve big results by helping others succeed.
*Read our Enigma Rewards plan for full details and how you qualify for income throughout the plan.

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