All in One Platform

The Enigma App puts the knowledge, resources, and tools in the palm of your hand to think and act rich, in order to get rich

The Enigma App

Through the power of our mobile app, you can build your financial future from anywhere at anytime using your Smartphone.

  • Social Sharing
  • Manage Accounts
  • Manage Team
  • Manage Trades
  • All in 1 place

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Enigma Advanced Technologies

Enigma has developed an advanced trading system for both the Forex and cryptocurrency markets.

Enigma Smart Interface (E.S.I.)

Participate in the most exciting financial market in history and trade like an
expert. Monitor all trading activity in real time and set your own personal goals. Our Crypto platform was designed by top traders in the industry to give you complete access to proven strategies.

  • Control your own accounts
  • Control your own funds
  • Monitor trade activity in real time
  • Turnkey system

Enigma Forex

This is our Forex platform designed to help you easily setup and begin trading Forex.

Using our step-by-step Guide in your back office, you can get started quickly and easily. No downloading software, creating VPS servers, or complicated setups – just complete the simple steps in our Guide and begin in minutes.

  • Manage your own accounts
  • Manage your own funds
  • Withdraw anytime you choose
  • Monitor all trading activity in real time
  • Try for free and see it work before you buy

Enigma Learning Academy

Enigma Network’s Mission is to educate and empower its members to take advantage of unprecedented financial opportunity during these amazing times. To do this, we offer the Crypto Learning Academy, an online educational platform sharing key cryptocurrency strategies from top industry professionals.

CLA uses professional videos, live tutorials, and gamification principles to teach the basics of everything crypto-tech. Members play, win, learn, and earn crypto simply by engaging with the platform.

  • Intro to Crypto
  • Intro To Exchanges
  • Crypto Do’s And Don’ts
  • Intro to blockchain
  • Trading Crypto
  • Swapping Crypto

Forex Institute

Enigma Network Presents The Forex Mastery Institute

After working with thousands of students, we have discovered THREE PILLARS OF TRADING that MUST be in place for all traders to experience consistent
results in the market. Only when these pillars are in place can traders be successful and profitable over the long-term.

Access the THREE PILLARS now!

  • Intro to Forex
  • Intro To Trading
  • Forex Basics
  • Wealth Generation
  • Trading Strategies
  • Assessment

Enigma Smart Wallet

Enigma Smart Wallet – 100% User-Friendly Decentralized Exchange Platform

Our platform eliminates all the typical complexities that come with blockchain technologies and cryptocurrency, and simply puts you in complete control of managing your crypto assets.

Secured through multi-factor authentication and your own Master Password, nobody except you has access to your private keys or funds. Working with multiple asset classes and tokens in self-custody has never been this secure, easy and fast.

  • Deposits
  • Withdrawls
  • Cashout/Wires
  • 1 Click ICO’s
  • Swap and Much More

Enigma SmartFi


Enigma SmartFi provides powerful, user-friendly financial tools to earn, trade and lend crypto.

Whether you’re new to crypto or experienced in the markets, Enigma SmartFi provides you with the best tools and strategies for crypto-enabled wealth generation.

  • Earn interest on your own crypto
  • Use your crypto to get loans
  • Directly trade/swap for low fees
  • Peer-to-peer trading

Enigma NFT Marketplace

The Enigma NFT Marketplace give users their own unique platform to get involved in the NFT space and to browse, mint, buy and sell NFTS on some of the biggest and best markets out there.

Get in on the NFT action with the Enigma NFT marketplace

  • Buy
  • Intro Sell Exchanges
  • Browse
  • Mint
  • Store and Trade
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